Types Of Mental Illness Awareness Jewelry

Over time awareness jewelry and ribbons have become very popular. Nowadays, there are several of them that help people to look elegant. They are meant to attract the attention of people and even highlight issues, which concern them most. In this post, you will learn some of this awareness jewelry and ribbons and even the causes, which they are associated with.

Awareness jewelry


Awareness jewelry such as gray is an international sign for Diabetes, brain cancer, and even a political statement. In some instances, it is used for the vote annulations.tg23ed6y3wedf7u8ei22


This represents a sign of breast cancer awareness. It expresses moral support for the women suffering from breast cancer.


This is a great way of expressing combined interests of persons that are affected from brain disorders or mental illness awareness jewelry. Usually, this type of ribbon or jewelry is used to make people aware of the available support, emotional support, social support, and governmental support.


Green represents health issues such as HIV/AIDS testing, Bipolar Disorder, Celiac Disease, Kidney Cancer, and Cerebral Palsy.

Pink and blue

These types of jewelry and ribbons are used as symbols for promoting infant loss and pregnancy. They are also used as symbols for male breast cancer and male testicular cancer awareness.


Teal jewelry is used as a symbol of Ovarian Cancer awareness, Gynecological cancer, and Sexual Violence support and awareness. They were also used for support towards Tsunami Victims support.tg23erfuy3e8fi2i2


White ribbons and jewelry mean different things depending on the context. For instance, if you mix it with other colors, it is a representation of a political movement. This means that you are speaking for a certain cause. Usually, they are represented on posters, leaflets, and garments. They also represent the rights of a woman.


Just like white, red jewelry has different meanings depending on where it is used. In most cases, they represent solidarity with people suffering from AIDS. It also represents drug prevention awareness, alcohol use and tobacco use effects on the society.


Yellow jewelry is a sign of freedom. This is because it is used as support for troops in war and as solidarity with people that have been affected by chaos and riots. It is also used as a symbol for press freedom and represent suicide awareness.

The above are some of the types of jewelry awareness types. Ensure you choose one that represent the right occasion.