Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Feng Shui Expert


Feng Shui can be best understood as a process that affects your internal landscape, as well as your physical environment. To nourish your spirit, you need to make enhancements to your home or office with the help of Feng Shui. The best way to start this, according to the professionals, is to start looking inward and try to see what your spiritual and health needs are. Once you have done that, you can proceed by hiring experts, like the New York Feng Shui Expert Will LeStrange, who will decorate or modify your rooms or offices, so that they properly nourish your mind and spirit.


These days, Feng Shui is a profession like any other. When approaching an expert for a consultation, also known as Destiny Analysis or BaZi, you should approach them the same way as you would an accountant, dentist or a plumber. Before you hire a Feng Shui consultant, make sure to ask a couple of questions before making a decision.

Different Feng Shui Practices

asdasdadaBefore you hire a consultant, you should know what kind of methodology they use. This is important because you need to be perfectly comfortable with their approach and methods. For example, if a consultant advertises their services as Classical Feng Shui, make sure that they are using a combination of techniques such as Ba Zhai, Xuan Kong, San Yuan or San He.

Products Being Sold

Some consultants will require you to place some items somewhere in your home or office. They are usually selling those products too, and since we can’t figure out if those are really necessary, it’s best that before we make a deal and hire a consultant, we check first if the additional products will be free of charge or not.

Service Inclusions

An experienced and reputable Feng Shui professional will usually perform a BaZi destiny analysis before they start giving recommendations for your property. However, there are cases where a BaZi destiny analysis is not part of the primary service and will cost you extra. Therefore, make sure to ask if a BaZi destiny analysis and consultation is included in the initial price or if it is charged separately.

Reports & Follow-ups

You should also inquire if the price quoted for the primary service includes any follow-up sessions. These sessions are usually about getting additional recommendations or an audit from the consultant or their staff members. Also, you should ask if they will give you a written report that covers the entire service, as well as any subsequent recommendations. However, keep in mind that reports and follow-up sessions are not mandatory. If an expert does not offer them, it doesn’t mean they are incompetent or less professional.