A Guide to Getting the Maximum Enjoyment of Your Weed

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Reading a credible article about consuming weed the right way can be a transformative experience. The first time you smoke pot can result in either nothing or an enlightening psychedelic moment. Imagine how a bummer it is to get yourself a pack of green and snacks, but you have not reached your high even after you waste almost half of your supply. Weed may have been the hype of this century, but to enjoy it, you are going to need some science first!

Learn the Difference between THC and CBD

vapingTHC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD for cannabidiol. These chemical compounds are naturally present in cannabis, but their functions are drastically different from one to another. THC is the one that will get you high while CBD relieves you from pain without giving you any psychoactive effects. If you smoked some blunts before, but you do not get the high you’d looked for, then it would probably be from the CBD strains.

Today, in countries where ganja is legal, indie growers are flourishing. It means that smokers can get different tastes from different growers.

Things That Affect Your Weed’s Quality

bottled extractThere are many weed products available in the market. You can smoke the dried leaves, eat the edibles, or vape the extracts. Therefore, it is crucial to know the factors that may affect the quality of your weed.

First, it is the storing system. You may get a product fresh from a dispensary, and the shop’s clerk explicitly guarantees it. And then you smoke a blunt immediately, and the taste is as great as the grower claims. However, after a while, you burn that hash again, but the flavor has degraded. In that case, you probably have stored the green improperly.

Second, if you want to vape marijuana, you need to make sure that the hemp extraction method is appropriate enough. Otherwise, there will be too many contaminants that can be harmful to your health. This knowledge is also applicable to edibles because they usually mix extracted cannabis in the dough. Low-quality extracts will lead to poor experience.

Do Not Overdo It

Cannabis will give you maximum enjoyment if you consume it within a certain amount. The problem with this knowledge is that everyone has different tolerance toward cannabis’ effects. Some people can get high by only smoking one or two blunts, while others may need way more than that dose. In your case, once you need to increase your dose to get high, then it is the time for you to take a break. Restrain yourself from consuming the herbs for a month or two, and you shall feel again the excitement you’ve felt in your first time.