Guide To Buying Telescoping Ladders


Maintenance tools are very crucial in every home. These tools include screw drivers, saws, hammers and even ladders. In fact, owning a ladder is barely a basic need to every person owning a home. In this day and age, most homeowners have embraced the use of fiberglass extension and telescoping ladders in maintaining their home exteriors in a tip top shape. These two models of ladders can be very helpful especially when you want to repair the top of the house rain gutters and even floor windows.

Ladders come in different sizes, shapes, styles and they are made of different materials. Some can be adjusted as per the user’s wish while others are folded. With the ever demanding maintenance practices at home, you need a durable telescoping ladder. What does one look for in the Best telescoping ladder. The following is a comprehensive guide to buying telescoping ladders which will highlight the key factors to be considered.

Buying Telescoping Ladders


A good telescoping ladder should be strong enough to support the maximum weight of an individual and his installation equipment. Fiberglass extensions and telescoping ladder are considered the best when this factor is considered. The style and material help to determine how durable the ladder is.

Your budget

Budget cuts across all products. You need to draft a reasonable budget after carrying out a thorough research on the prices from various dealers on the internet. You should save some reasonable amount of money to buy a durable and ergonomically reliable telescoping ladder. You do not want to spend your money and after a short period the ladder breaks down. You need more money so that you can get a durable ladder.


Another important factor to consider before ordering a new ladder is the storage. You should predetermine the place where you will be storing your new telescoping ladder so that it is not exposed to elements that may shorten its term of service. The issue of storage depends on the material used to make that particular ladder. Some ladders are made of aluminum telescoping and fiberglass extensions. These models are obviously very durable, but when exposed to extreme conditions, they can easily wear out.

The weight

Weight is a very crucial thing that must be factored when purchasing your new telescoping ladder. Traditional ladders are not easy to be carried from point to another since they were designed from materials that have a greater density. The weight of a ladder matters a lot because you will be needed to shift it from one place to another to carry out your maintenance operations. Aluminum and wooden ladders are regarded as the heaviest ladders.

The purpose

Another significant factor is the purpose of the telescoping ladder. Different ladders have different uses. In fact, every ladder is designed for a particular job. Therefore, you must ensure that you buy a design which is sizeable to help you in executing some given maintenance practices within your home. For base windows, you will require a middle length ladder. For the ridges and gutters, you need a bigger ladder to carry out your repairs without hassling.

Additional accessories

When buying a ladder be it telescoping or fiberglass extension; you must ensure that you consider if there are additional accessories. These accessories help to enhance the ladder safety and stability. For instance, the padding that used at the top of a ladder helps to prevent it from causing damages on the exterior sides of your house. A good ladder must have a leg padding to prevent from slipping away.