A Review For the Best Above Ground Pools

Having a swimming pool at home is the dream of many, often unattainable given the exorbitant prices to which often huge costs for maintenance are added. To avoid having to give up moments of relaxation and refreshment in your garden, you can opt for the best above ground pool.

The best above ground pools of 2019

Intex 28316 Intex produces excellent models with a good balance between quality and price, so we decided to include this among the best above ground swimming pools of 2019. The small size makes it possible to mount it in a small garden or on a terrace and can dive up to four people.


It mounts quickly-Two people are enough and less than an hour of work to assemble the whole structure and assemble the various parts including the filter and ladder supplied.

Robust metal structure-It is composed of metal tubes that are assembled to offer strength and rigidity that firmly supports the considerable weight of the water.

Choice of sizes-It is a smaller version, suitable for those with limited space available. But be careful: before thinking of mounting it on the terrace, make sure it is able to support the high weight of the water.


Pump supplied-According to the opinions of some users, it is necessary to have a new filtering system because the one supplied in the package is not adequately powerful to clean the pool water.

Intex 28272

Among the models sold online, it is difficult to find a pool with such a low cost. The dimensions are small, but they are enough to rel. in the garden during a hot summer day with the whole family.


  • Economic and essential-The Small Frame line is characterized by the low cost and the ability to stand by itself also thanks to the presence of the same water that helps to keep the structure firm and well-formed.
  • Easy to assemble-Two people and a few tens of minutes are all it takes to assemble the stainless steel poles and give the right shape and support to the pool.
  • Resistant material-In this solution, a special formula is used which includes two layers of PVC and an inner layer of polyester knit fabric which helps to guarantee the necessary flexibility without sacrificing the strength of the walls and the bottom.


Accessories to be purchased separately-Perhaps it represents an advantage after all since it is possible to choose properly what and where to buy accessories such as the pump or the cover.

Bestway 56408

Bestway presents the most classic of the above-ground garden pools, with a circular shape and suitable for families who can no longer suffer from the summer heat or maybe want to make a nice gift to their children.


  • Round shape-The shape is unusual and allows you to swim like a fish in a bowl.
  • Fully equipped: contains pump, the cover and the ladder to reach the edge of the pool.


The equipment changes in the smaller versions


When we talk about low prices we certainly cannot include this above ground wooden pool in the discussion, given its really high cost. However, we also take care of readers who want to deal well, so we recommend it given its undoubted qualities.


  • Enhance outdoor space: For increasing its aesthetic and functional value.
  • Wear-resistant PVC-To resist the action of bacteria and mold
  • Autoclave treated wood- To free the wood of any residual moisture.


Wood requires maintenance

Intex 28372

If you have a nice garden or a hotel business with an open space available but don’t know how to choose a good above-ground pool, you can opt for this Intex model.


  • Choice of various sizes: There are different solutions to choose from
  • PVC resistant: To withstand a large volume
  • Filter pump included


Improved cover sheet